What Is the Cost of Synthetic Slate Roof vs Asphalt

May 08, 2023

Are you considering a new roof for your home or business? If so, you might wonder about the cost of synthetic slate roof vs asphalt roofing. While asphalt shingles have been a popular roofing choice for many years due to their affordability, synthetic slate roofing has gained popularity as a more durable and attractive alternative. In this discussion, we will explore the differences between these two roofing materials and their respective costs to help you decide on your roofing needs.

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are a popular and affordable roofing material suitable for various home styles and budgets. They come in different colors and styles and are easy to install, requiring little preparation work or special tools.

Types of Asphalt Shingles

Three-tab or laminated strip shingles are the most commonly used asphalt roof materials. Homeowners often choose three-tab shingles, while contractors prefer more durable and visually appealing laminated options.

Three-Tab Shingles

Three-tab shingles are the most basic and affordable type of asphalt shingle. They have a flat, uniform appearance with cutouts along the lower edge that give the appearance of three separate shingles. They are made of one layer of asphalt and are available in various colors. Three-tab shingles are lightweight, making them easy to install and handle.

Dimensional Shingles

Dimensional shingles, also known as architectural or laminate shingles, are a more durable and aesthetically pleasing option than three-tab shingles. They have a multi-dimensional appearance due to their layered construction and textured surface. Dimensional shingles are thicker and heavier than three-tab shingles, which increases their wind resistance and lifespan. They are available in a wide variety of colors and styles.

Synthetic slate roof cost vs asphalt

Cost, Longevity, and Durability

Asphalt shingles range from $55 to $85 per square to cover 100 square feet of roofing. They come with a warranty of 20 to 30 years and can last up to 50 years or more in certain climate conditions.

Algae Concerns

Asphalt roofs that remain shaded during humid, warm conditions are prone to algae growth. Algae reduce the roof’s reflectivity, which increases energy bills. It weakens limestone granules, leading to destructive lichens and moss, which can dam further damaging integrity further.

Ental Impact

Asphalt shingles are composed of recycled paper and asphalt, which generates greenhouse gases and wastes energy. Approximately 11 million tonnes are generated annually in America alone, and it can take up to 300 years for them to decompose. However, some fiberglass shingles contain solar reflective asphalt, which helps block heat entering from outside and saves energy while contributing towards an eco-friendly home or building.

Synthetic Slate

Synthetic slate is a roofing material made from composite materials, including fiberglass, rubber, and plastic. It is designed to mimic the look of natural slate tiles but is more affordable and easier to install. Synthetic slate tiles are available in various colors, textures, and styles and can be customized to suit the aesthetic preferences of homeowners. They are also more durable and long-lasting than natural slate and can withstand extreme weather conditions such as high winds, heavy rain, and hail. Synthetic slate is a popular choice for homeowners who want the look of natural slate without the high cost and maintenance requirements.

Types of Synthetic Slate Roof

There are several types of synthetic slate roofs available on the market, including:

Polymer Composite Slate

Polymer composite slate is a synthetic roofing material designed to replicate the appearance and texture of natural slate tiles. It is made by combining a blend of polymers, recycled plastic, and mineral dust to create a durable and lightweight material that is easy to install. Polymer composite slate is available in various colors and patterns, making it a popular choice for homeowners who want the look of slate without the high cost and maintenance requirements. It is also resistant to fire, impact, and weathering, making it a practical choice for areas with extreme weather conditions. Overall, polymer composite slate is a cost-effective and durable alternative to natural slate that can enhance any home’s curb appeal and value.

Fiber Cement Slate

Fiber cement slate is a roofing material made from cement, sand, and cellulose fibers. The resulting material is durable, fire-resistant, and withstand harsh weather conditions. Fiber cement slate is designed to mimic the appearance of natural slate, and it can be manufactured in various colors and styles to match different architectural styles. It is a popular choice for homeowners and builders who want the look of slate without the high cost or maintenance requirements. Fiber cement slate is also known for its eco-friendliness, as it is made from sustainable materials and can be recycled at the end of its life cycle.

Synthetic slate roof cost vs asphalt

Cost, Longevity, and Durability

Synthetic slate is more expensive than asphalt shingles, costing $300 to $600 per square. However, it comes with a longer lifespan of up to 50 years or more, making it a more cost-effective option in the long run. It is also highly durable and can withstand weather elements like wind, hail, and flying debris.

Installation and Maintenance

Installation of synthetic slate requires skilled labor and special tools, which can increase the installation cost. However, once installed, it requires minimal maintenance and is easy to repair in case of damage.

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