What Is the Best Roof Coating for Shingles

Mar 27, 2023

What is the best roof coating for shingles? Asphalt shingles are the predominant roof choice for residential buildings, while flat roofs are more suitable for larger structures than pitched ones. Protecting a flat roof requires different techniques than protecting a pitched one, and requires different strategies altogether.

Commercial buildings require the correct design and materials in order to stay weatherproof and keep working as intended. While much of this was already taken care of during construction, almost any flat roof can benefit from the coating. Not only does it reduce cooling costs, prevent leaks, and increase durability, but it may also extend the life of your roof.

Roofs come in many varieties and coatings. But which is the best? Which coating works best for you? This discussion will be simplified by focusing only on four types of coating and outlining their unique advantages.

What is Roof Coating?

Roof coating refers to a layer of material applied to roof shingles to protect it from various environmental factors, including UV rays, rain, wind, and temperature fluctuations. Coatings can also provide additional benefits, such as improved energy efficiency, reduced heat absorption, and enhanced waterproofing.

Roof coatings are available in various types, including acrylic, silicone, polyurethane, and asphalt. The choice of coating material depends on several factors, such as the type of roofing material, the climate of the region, and the desired level of protection.

Roof coatings can be applied to both residential and commercial roofs. They are often used to extend the life of an existing roof or improve its performance. In addition, roof coatings can be applied to flat, low-slope, and pitched roofs, making them a versatile solution for many roofing applications.


Over the last decade, silicone roof coatings have seen a meteoric rise in popularity. Their sticky nature makes them suitable for many situations while their high degree of elasticity make them capable of withstanding uneven topology or severe weather impacts.

Silicone is weatherproof and resistant to hardening or embrittling, making it the ideal solution for ponding problems. A silicone coating on roofs with ponding issues – particularly those in high moisture areas – can last for many years due to its resistance to cracking and long life expectancy.

Silicone is highly resistant to UV radiation, however it can trap dirt which reduces its reflectivity. Since silicone itself is resistant, other coatings won’t adhere well. Therefore, there’s no need to add additional layers if you want maximum protection.


Acrylic is a flexible coating that hardens into an inert layer. This makes acrylic an excellent choice for roof coatings as they offer hail damage resistance, high UV resistance and reflectivity – meaning they can reduce temperatures beneath the roof by up to 20 degrees Fahrenheit! No wonder why acrylic roof coatings have become so popular!

Acrylic coatings are ideal for uneven roof membrane surfaces due to their strength and flexibility in handling membrane instability.

Acrylic coatings can be tricky to apply due to their need for a warm, dry atmosphere in order to cure. Unfortunately, East Texas lacks this ideal climate for applying these coatings.

Asphaltic Rubber

Fluid-applied rubber, also known as fluid-applied rubber, is a fluid-applied coating that combines the advantages of both asphalt and rubber. This durable, waterproof membrane forms on pitched roofs just like asphalt does, while maintaining its seamlessness just like fluid-applied rubber does.

Asphaltic rubber coating is seamless, making it the ideal choice for waterproofing areas that cannot be covered by other materials due to the absence of joints that could leak.

Asphaltic rubber can be applied in thicknesses ranging from 20 millimeters to 200 millimeters when dry.


When it comes to impact-resistant roof coatings, polyurethane is the go-to material. Not only does this protect against hail damage but it’s main purpose is preventing foot traffic on rooftops. A polyurethane coating will be especially helpful on any rooftop that sees people daily.

Polyurethane roof coatings boast two layers, the waterproof bottom one being stronger and more durable than the top one, which also holds color well. By combining both, these polyurethane coatings offer you the benefits of both worlds: an extremely strong bottom layer that can withstand heavy use while providing superior waterproof protection for your roof.

Polyurethane must be applied in layers, making it more challenging and increasing the cost of a polyurethane coat.

These four roof coatings are the most sought-after choices. While other options may be suitable for specific tasks, these four will work well on most roofs. Making an informed decision requires considerable thought; Roofing Co. can assist you in understanding both the advantages and drawbacks of each option.

With decades of experience in roof repairs in Tampa, we possess a wealth of knowledge and skill that you can put to your benefit. Let us assist you decide which coating is most suitable for your roof; contact us now and get you a roof that protects your home sooner than anticipated!

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