10 Questions You Should Ask A Roofing Contractor

Nov 27, 2023

The phrase “a roof above your head” is not just a phrase. It’s also a symbol of home, safety, and protection. When it comes time to replace your roof, you need to find a company or contractor with integrity. Asking the right questions before hiring a roofing contractor will prevent a bad experience. We’ve put together a guide that will help you make sure you don’t leave anything out in the vetting.

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1. How long have you been in business?

   When it comes to roofing, experience is crucial. This question will help you determine the contractor’s reliability and expertise. A contractor’s experience in the business will increase their chances of delivering a quality job. A contractor with experience will have the skills and track record to overcome any obstacles that may occur during the project.

2. Do You Have Insurance Coverage?

   Insurance protects you from legal and financial pitfalls. Workers’ compensation insurance and liability coverage are required by a reputable contractor to protect you against any accidents or damages during the course of the project. Ask for proof of the insurance policy to verify its validity.

3. Are You In Possession Of All Necessary Licenses?

   A license is like asking someone if they have a license before you let them drive your vehicle. A licensed contractor must adhere to safety and building regulations, as well as industry standards. A general business license does not mean the same thing as a roofing contractor’s license. Verify the validity of the license and ask for proof.

4. What Are My Warranty Options?

   Understanding your warranty options will give you peace of mind for the long term. A good warranty will protect you from both workmanship and materials. Ask about the warranty’s duration and scope to avoid future surprises.

5. What If I Have A Problem Or Need Service After The Installation?

   Asking about the warranty options is a good first step. Then, you can ask how they will protect you once their service is complete. Be sure to ask about the post-installation service and how you can address any issues. You will gain insight into the contractor’s customer service practices after the job has been completed.

   This question will also help you know what to expect if a similar situation arises. Review your warranty in detail. The terms may seem great on the surface, but you need to know what is being offered. Ask your contractor about any specific scenarios or other questions you may have to ensure you are protected.


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6. Do You Have A Written Estimate?

   Your financial blueprint for your roofing project is a written estimate. The estimate should include every cost, including labor and materials as well as any other possible expenses. This will help you to budget more effectively and prevent you from incurring unexpected costs.

7. Do You Have Any References Or Reviews?

   Ask for reviews or references to determine the contractor’s quality and reputation. You can then make an informed choice based on first-hand information about the contractor’s expertise and reliability.

8. What Is The Typical Timeline For A Project?

   You can plan your life better if you know the expected timeframe for your roofing project. Ask about contingency planning for delays. Any hold-ups could add unanticipated costs to your project.

9. What Will You Do With My Yard?

   Ask the contractor how they plan to leave the yard after the project. You don’t want a yard that is full of trash or landscaping that has been damaged. Ask the contractor how they plan to protect and clean your property.

   Asking if there is a formal cleanup process is important. At Roofing.Co, we use a magnetic device to remove any nails from your yard that may have fallen during your roofing installation.

10. How Can I Learn More About The Process And What To Expect?

    You can set realistic expectations by being well-informed about the entire roof process. This will ensure that you are not surprised at any point. You can also actively participate in the process, ensuring that no detail is missed.


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When choosing the right roofing contractor for your project, keep in mind that a good roofer will be honest, open, communicative, and willing to answer all of your questions. The contractor should ensure that you are satisfied at each phase of the roofing project.

Roofing.Co is a company that sets the bar in this area, focusing on transparency and a client-centric approach. We ensure that our clients have a smooth and enjoyable experience by guiding them through every step. Contact us today to learn more about our service.

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