Damage Signs For A New Commercial Roof

Oct 23, 2023

“Do I need a commercial roofing company?” is a question many building owners ask when faced with problems ranging from roof decay to isolated leaks. Knowing what to do and when can help you plan your budget and contact a roofing contractor who will complete the job on time.

Damage Signs

What are the signs that indicate you need to hire a roofer to repair or replace your commercial building’s roof? Here are some signs to look out for that suggest you need to repair or replace your commercial roof.

Even the removal of a single shingle can allow rainwater to penetrate a building’s roof. Water that infiltrates underneath the shingles and through the leak barrier will eventually saturate certain areas and seep through. Roof leaks can also be caused by puddle saturation, which manifests as stains collecting around the point where rainwater enters the roof. If the leak is near the wall, water stains will appear on the upper part of the wall.

Mold can cause a peculiar smell to permeate a room. Mold typically forms after the roof surface has been exposed to moisture for several weeks or days due to an undetected roof leakage. Water puddles on the floor are a clear sign of a roof leak, particularly when water seeps through a hole in the roof’s top surface, not just at the point of water saturation.


New Commercial Roof


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When you own an operational building, it’s crucial to know when to replace the roof. Roofs are not designed to last indefinitely. Most roofs will typically endure for about two decades, regardless of the materials used. If your roof is 15 years old from the date of installation, it’s likely reached its life expectancy and should be regularly inspected for signs of wear. The lifespan of a roof depends on the type of material used, as well as the local climate.

If your roof is experiencing problems, it’s essential to determine if these issues are recurring. Addressing a problem after 10 years can potentially extend the roof’s life by another decade. A roof prone to frequent leaks and cracks is not dependable. Another less obvious sign to watch for is an increase in energy bills. In most cases, the change in energy costs is so subtle that it might take months to notice. Rising energy expenses can be attributed to various factors, including increased rates and inefficient energy usage.


New Commercial Roof


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The decision to hire a commercial roofing company should not be taken lightly, as it has significant implications for the safety and integrity of your commercial building. Recognizing the signs of roof damage is crucial in ensuring that timely repairs or replacements are made, thus preventing further structural and financial issues.

Water infiltration, whether through a single missing shingle or puddle saturation, can lead to roof leaks, which are not only damaging but also result in unsightly stains and even mold growth. Detecting these signs early and addressing them promptly is essential.

Moreover, understanding the considerations for your commercial roof’s lifespan is vital. Roofs have a finite life expectancy, typically around two decades, and their longevity can be influenced by various factors, including the roofing material and local climate. Regular inspections and proactive maintenance can extend the roof’s life, potentially saving you from the costly endeavor of a premature replacement.

Lastly, it’s worth noting that rising energy bills can also be an indirect indicator of roofing issues, as an inefficient or damaged roof can lead to increased heating and cooling costs. Therefore, being vigilant about these signs and taking appropriate action when needed is essential for the long-term health and functionality of your commercial building’s roof.


New Commercial Roof


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