Three Ways that Weather Conditions Can Cause Roof Damage

Nov 07, 2022

Extreme weather conditions are the most common cause of roof damage. High winds, debris and heavy rain can cause roof damage if they aren’t properly maintained. A roof that is not properly maintained and cared for can be more susceptible to developing defects, such as cracks or holes. Weather can cause roof damage, such as cracking or rotting of shingles. You should not ignore minor problems. These problems can quickly escalate into major, very costly issues.

High Winds

Wind often affects the roof corners and ridgeline. Wind damage can also cause damage to worn or damaged areas. These areas are most susceptible to wind damage and can be used by the wind as a way to remove shingles from their places. Wind can lift shingles and cause them to come loosen their nails. Due to the way that shingles are laid, a chain reaction could occur. You might have one or two shingles that are ripped and pulled up by another shingle.

Your roof could be damaged if you find missing shingles or horizontal lines that indicate where shingles were created by the lift. Roof damage can also be caused by debris in high winds.


Strong winds can cause roof damage by blowing debris around. Tree limbs and trees could fall onto your roof, puncturing or even destroying shingles. Other objects, such as umbrellas, lawn decorations and furniture, can be picked up to put on your roof deck.

You can visually inspect for cracked or missing shingles to identify roof damage. Roof damage can also be identified by granule accumulation near the gutter downspout. This is a common problem.

Heavy Rain

Water can pose a serious threat to your roof if it isn’t properly maintained. It doesn’t matter how small the roof leak may be, it can cause severe damage. If roof shingles are exposed to excessive rain, they can curl or buckle. These problems can increase the chance of roof shingles breaking, or high winds exposing them to water. The water can cause damage to the electrical wiring, drywall and flooring beneath the leak. This can increase your expenses and cause inconvenience.

If you suspect damage from strong storms, you can check for signs like missing or torn edges. These types of damage are easily visible and can be detected with a trained eye. If you’ve suffered storm damage to your roof, and require a repair or replacement, is here for you. Call today and Speak with our friendly staff to get a free inspection scheduled today!