Roof Leaks: Repair or Replacement

Nov 20, 2023

If your roof is leaking, it means that either water has gotten into the asphalt shingles, or there is moisture on your ceiling. If you act fast, most roof leaks are easily repaired. If you ignore them for too long, they can cause further problems, which could lead to an expensive roof replacement.

How can you tell if your water leaks require a simple roof repair or a complete roof replacement? This article will help identify the signs of roof leaks, let you know what factors you should consider, and explain how a roofing contractor can help.


Roof Leaks


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Signs That A Roof Leak Is Occurring Inside:

The interior and exterior of the home will both show signs of roof leaks. Let’s start with some roof leak signs that you may find in your home.

Ceiling and Wall Stains

You’re most likely seeing brown, yellow, or light discolorations on your ceilings and walls. This is due to a leaking roof. These water spots are often found in the middle or along the wall.

It is not difficult to repair a roof leak. Finding the source of the leak can be difficult. It’s still important to begin the repairs immediately to avoid mold, roof sheathing that has rotted, and damaged ceilings.

Peeling or Blistering Paint

It’s possible that your roof is leaking if the paint on walls and ceilings cracks, peels, or blisters. You need to find the source of the problem and hire professional roofers to fix it.

Moisture in Attic

Two things can cause moisture in your attic. You might not have enough ventilation in your attic, or you may have a leaking roof. You should have your attic checked immediately, especially after heavy rainfall. If you ignore the buildup of moisture in your attic, it could lead to costly repairs or even a roof replacement.

Outdoor Signs Of A Roof Leak

After discussing some of these signs inside your home, let’s talk about the outside signs of a leaking roof.

Decking Decay

Moisture is trapped under your roof if the deck has decayed. A decaying roof deck can be identified by a number of different signs. Missing shingles, damaged flashing, and clogged rain gutters are all signs of a decaying roof deck. You can repair these damages if you take action quickly.

If you ignore the smaller signs, your roof could end up sagging. You should call roofing professionals immediately if this has already happened. A sagging roofing system can accumulate water during storms and make the problem worse. In extreme situations, your roof may even collapse.

Shingles Damaged

Damaged shingles can not only reduce your curb appeal but also allow water and moisture to enter your home. If you notice a few damaged roof shingles, you don’t have to replace the entire roof.

It is still a good idea to have your roof checked for damage after a storm. Keep an eye out for any shingles that are curling or have blisters.

You’ll also find granules in your roof gutters if you have damaged shingles. The granules of the shingles are the first line of protection for the roof. Your shingles are more susceptible to the weather without the granules.

Roughed-up Roof Flashing

Flashing prevents water from entering your roofing system. It does this by keeping the water away from the areas where a roof edge meets a wall. Sealant can degrade due to oxidation and severe weather conditions. This leads to leaks.

Visible Roof Damage

Your roof may show signs of damage due to extreme weather, accidents, or age. You may see debris on your roof from branches, or dark streaks from improper installation.


Roof Leaks


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What To Consider When Choosing A New Roof?

Your roof’s lifespan could be 30 years or longer, depending on the materials, installation, and maintenance. What you can’t control is the weather and accidents which may shorten your roof’s lifespan.

Some roof damage can be repaired. Others may require a complete roof replacement. Most homeowners put off replacing their roof because it is expensive. Here are some factors to consider when deciding whether or not a new roof would be right for you.

Age of the Roof

When replacing an existing roof, you should first consider its age. You may be able to opt for a roof repair if it is under 20 years old if the damage is not too severe. If the roof is nearing its end and there are significant damages, you may want to consider a replacement.

Roof Type

Choosing the right roofing material can have a significant impact on your roof installation costs. The cost of roofing materials can vary from $100 per square to $1,000, as some materials are more labor-intensive. You can choose from a variety of roofing styles, including high-pitched and low-pitched roofs.

Extent of Damage

It is possible to repair some damages, such as those caused by a strong breeze. If the damage involves a large amount of granules, buckled shingles, cracked flashing, or a sagging roof, then you may need to replace your entire roof.

What To Do After Finding A Roof Leak:

After finding a leak in your roof, the best thing you can do is fix it as quickly as possible. Roof leaks, if ignored, can cause more severe and expensive damages like mold and structural issues. If you discover a leaky roof in your home, contact a GAF-certified roofing contractor to inspect the situation.

The roofing professional can give you advice if you are not sure if you need to repair your roof or replace it. Some cases, such as a missing tile, may only require a repair.  If your roof has been damaged by a storm, a replacement may be needed.


Roof Leaks


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Are You Still Unsure If A Roof Repair Or Replacement Is Required?

It’s not surprising that you may have trouble making a decision, given the huge price difference between roof repairs and replacements. If you wait too long, your roof leak issue could worsen. If you suspect a leak in your roof, the best thing to do is contact a professional roofing company like Roofing.Co.

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